Haddad Dental - Exclusive distributors of quality dental products throughout Lebanon

Haddad Dental is a leading company in the Lebanese market. Established since 1986 as a family business directed by Dr. Fares Haddad, it seeks to fulfill the needs of its customers and to provide them with the most effective and efficient service.

Our products are diversified with a portfolio of different brands designed to satisfy customer needs.

We are the exclusive agent for several major dental companies including:

• Sultan Healthcare (since 2008)
• White Smile (since 1996)
• Tausteril (since 1986)
• Pulpdent (since 1986)
• Parkell (since 1986)
• Bosworth (since 2010)
• Megagen (since 2009)
• Tetenal (since 1998)
• GSMedex imaging (since 2011)

Our company and warehouses are located in Achrafieh in the centre of Beirut in order to cover all Lebanese territories.

The Haddad Dental sales team is lead by Mr. Marc Haddad with 5 sales representatives in association with an outsourced distribution company: M.D.K. covering all of the Lebanese market.